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    Super Shiraz Rivals Mighty Grange – John Jens April 2013

    Meshach gets better. A matter of  Style.

    The 2008 vintage of Meshach, Grant Burge’s most famous and most expensive premium Barossa shiraz each year, is one of their great wines of any type.

    This is so even though it is of a more refined style than any of its predecessors and over time it will prove to be superior to all others, even those from the greatest Barossa vintages.  Why?  The great Meshachs of the past were idiosyncratically and wonderfully Barossa shiraz but this is of a restrained, long and sophisticated international style.

    Many years ago, WineState, then Australia’s only significant national wine magazine, published a several-page article explaining why the Burge Meshach would be “the new Grange”.  It was an era in which Austrlia’s best shiraz were more obviously and robustly oaked.  Grant Burge is adamant that the Meshach style has not changed.  He admits that he has refined the vineyard and grap selection methods and that the resulting superior fruit also benefits from newer winery technology.  He adds that the oak selection today is far superior to that of the past.

    On reflection I can agree with this.  But no matter how much Grant wants to play down the ongoing shiraz evolvement at his 400,00 case (and proudly) Barossa Valley winery, the resulting changes in the wines are significant.

    The 2008 Meshach is softly fragrant.  The palate too is soft, restrained, gentle and long.  The fruit density and quality is that of marvellous old-vine material.  The tannin textures are seamless and the finish and aftertaste superb.

    While the fruit quality is exquisite, the red winemaking at this winery has never been so good.  This Meshach’s oak is a wonderfully sympathetic match for the fruit.  The tasting notes on this wine indicate such freshness, restraint and elegance along with enormous fruit length and the carefully selected oak, that this could not be a Meshach.  But a look at the bottle says it is – and this will be regarded as both a great and a definitive vintage.  18.8 points.