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  • Fortified Wines | 10 Year Old Muscat

    Grant is very fond of his fortifieds, and as a world winner of best fortified (3 times over) he knows his stuff.

    10 Year Old Muscat

    The Fruit:

    This exceptional liqueur muscat is made from Muscat a Petit Grains, which is left on the vine to maximum ripeness, and hand picked between 15 - 17 Baume from selected vineyards here in the Barossa Valley.

    The Winemaking:

    After fermenting and fortifying on skins to take advantage of the natural
    phenolics (skin tannins) of the muscat variety, the wine is aged in large
    barrels to control the aged rancio characters. Careful blending produces a wine of richness and complexity, enhanced with the wines taken from our Solera- system, which enables us to consistently release wines of high quality.

    10 Year Old Muscat

    The Comments:

    Our 10 Year Old Muscat is a deep amber colour with a slight rancio hue, which is also evident on the nose.  Caramel aromas along with muscat raisined fruit suggest at what's to come on the palate, which is generous and silky.  Flavours of baked ginger biscuits, dates and a complex nuttiness is balanced with a clean, fresh finish which leaves a lasting impression. This is a perfect match to a warm chocolate tart with muscat soaked raisins, or salty blue cheese with poached fruits.

    Try our tried and tested 10 Year Old Muscat and Strawberry Trifle.

    10 Year Old Muscat


    • Bronze | 2014 Sydney Royal Wine Show
    • Bronze | 2013 Fortified Masters - The Drinks Business UK
      2013 Fortified Masters - The Drinks Business UK
    • Bronze – 2013 Sydney Royal Wine Show
    • Bronze – 2011 Royal Queensland Wine Show
    • Bronze – 2010 Adelaide Wine Show
    • Louise Radman
      Louise RadmanThe Advertiser Jun 2012

      Warm roasted chestnuts by an open fire are one of the great simple pleasures of winter. Enjoy them with a sweet and syrupy Muscat that coats the glass like sticky treacle. This champion from Grant Burge is dripping with luscious raisin, date and toffee-caramel flavours. It's aged for 10 years in a solera system of large oak barrels for nutty rancio character and ginger spice. The ideal after-dinner indulgence from a Barossa Baron who just bagged his fifth fortified trophy at the Decanter World Wine Awards.

    • FHM Jun 2010
      FHM Jun 2010

      A sharp first touch washes to a biscuity, caramelly, gingery nuttiness; tastes like you've woken next to Ms Awesome while hot cross buns are baking.

    • Natalie MacLean
      Natalie, Sep 2008

      The Burge Family has been making wine in the Barossa since 1855 and have been an integral part of the region's history and fortified wines have a long tradition here. Wonderfully aromatic it shows complex fruit flavors as well as notes of caramel, dried fruits, spices and nuts. My note: Excellent dessert wine with orange peel appeal. 10 Year Old Muscat food pairings: warm chocolate tart, salty blue cheese.

    • Rod Phillips
      Rod PhillipsonWine Canada Sep 2008

      This delicious sweet dessert wine is made by a solera system, so that it combines wines from a number of vintages. Grant Burge, who made it, says he thinks it works out at more like 12 or 13 years, rather than 10. Whatever the number, this is rich and decadent, with a mouth-coating texture and enough acidity to make you go back for another sip, and another, and another....

    • Bronze | 2015 Royal Adelaide Wine Show
    • Gold | 2016 Royal Queensland Wine Show

    10 Year Old Muscat


    10 Year Old Muscat