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Grant Burge Wines


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Time captured in a bottle. Only 100 bottles of this exceptional wine have been released.
The aroma is voluminous with toffee, praline, roasted almonds, Kirsch and quince paste. The palate is stylishly elegant yet luscious and concentrated with complexing flavours of Christmas pudding, dark chocolate and orange zest, balanced acidity and great persistence.

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A rich, mature wine with a deep tawny colour. Sweet and mellow, with a harmonious balance of fruit characters and oak tannins. This wine is a five-time trophy winner at the Decanter World Wine Awards, which places it among the best tawny wines in the world.

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This exceptional liqueur muscat is made from Muscat à Petits Grains. Records are unable to calculate the wine’s precise age but its average age is at least 20 years. A luscious, complex wine with rich, powerful flavours. Sweet muscat flavours are not cloying, rather the wine has a wonderful clean finish.

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This fine aged tawny is made from the Barossa’s traditional tawny varieties, mostly Grenache, with some Mataro and Shiraz, and has been blended to an average age of six-year-old wines. It has complex aged characters and a smooth, rich palate.

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