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Grant Burge Wines


The Grant Burge Alfresco range features wines that are perfect for drinking with friends on a warm summers day. Delicate, fresh, lively, these wines are perfect for our love of spending time outdoors.



The 2018 vintage saw an unusually dry Summer and early Autumn. The low disease pressures associated with dry, warm conditions coupled with the cool night-time temperatures allowed the vines to produce fruit with exceptional character and flavour - vibrant, balanced and lower alcohol style. The grapes were machine picked in the coolest part of the night and gently destemmed without crushing. Only the free drain juice was used. After chilling and racking off heavy sediments, the juice was treated with Stabulation - the process of leaving the whole juice on its lees for an extended period (15-30 days) with occasional agitation. This process increases the flavor, mouthfeel and aromatic complexity. After fermentation, the wines were blended with yeast lees for maturation and left on yeast lees for as long as possible prior to bottling to increase the creaminess of the palate and impart even more complexity to the nose. The wine was gently fined and filtered prior to bottling.

The Wine 

APPEARANCE | Pale blushing pink

BOUQUET |  A complex bouquet of cinnamon, cardamom, allspice and star anise balanced by dried rose petals, pink grapefruit and freeze-dried raspberries, underlay with the aromas of fresh-cut strawberries with lashings of heavy cream.

PALATE | Sugar-dry yet richly flavoured with a creamy mid palate of strawberries and cream, drawn through to a long lingering finish by a combination of steely acidity and fine, textural phenolic.

FOOD PAIRING | Ideal pairing with Asian dishes, especially traditional Japanese and Thai. Also a perfect aperitif with canapes or a refreshing afternoon drink with picnic fare in the Aussie sun.



The Grant Burge Moscato Frizzante is a delicate style, suited to wine lovers of all styles and many different occasions. This wine is handcrafted from premium fruit sourced from vineyards throughout the Barossa, using the traditional Moscato variety of White Frontignac, also known as Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains.


The fruit was crushed and de-stemmed with the fermentation process carried out at a cool temperature (11-13°C) for several weeks. At this time, the fermentation was stopped to retain natural grape sugars and sweetness. The wine had only 9% alcohol when it was bottled under low temperatures to retain the natural carbon dioxide, which appears in the wine as subtle elegant bubbles.

The Wine 

The Grant Burge Moscato Frizzante is an exceptionally rich and fruity wine showing characters unique to the noble White Frontignac grape (Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains), grown in rich Barossa soils.

APPEARANCE | Pale straw with green tinges

BOUQUET | Vibrant aromas of rosewater, lychee and guava are accented by the sweet floral perfume of fresh rose petals and lavender, with rich, sweet aromas of fresh quince and confectionary musk

PALATE | The palate is a mix of natural fruit sugar balanced with lower alcohol and crisp acidity to create a pleasingly sweet yet balanced alfresco style.

Best served straight from the fridge, its light spritz makes it perfect as a refreshing apèritif or for drinks with friends on a sunny afternoon.




The fruit for this Moscato Rosa Frizzante is sourced from premium vineyards in the Barossa Valley. Only the best parcels of grapes are selected to make this premium, delicate, fruit-driven slighty pink wine with excellent balance.

The Wine

APPEARANCE | Pale pink

BOUQUET | Vibrant aromas of rosewater, passionfruit, lychee and guava are accented by fresh floral topnotes, and the sweet aromas of fresh quince and confectionary musk

PALATE | The palate is a mix of natural fruit sugar balanced with lower alcohol and crisp acidity to create a pleasingly sweet yet balanced alfresco style





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